Below is a list of some of the research projects that CNSA has funded in the past:

The Development of the Cancer Nurse Practitioner Role in Australia: A Qualitative Study (2013)
Dr Ruth McConigley (WA), Keith Cox (NSW), Sam Gibson (WA) & Tracey Doherty (SA)

A Double-Blind Randomised Controlled Trial of Moogoo Udder Cream® versus Aqueous Cream for Managing Radiation-Induced Skin Reactions in Patients with Cancer (2012)
Ray Chan (QLD)

A Study to Evaluate Prevalence of Work Difficulties, Attitudes to Work and Barriers and Enablers for Return to Employment Among Cancer Patients Treated with Curative Intent (2011)
Amanda Robertson (SA)

The Development of a Nurse-Sensitive, Cancer Care Complexity Index to Determine Complexity of Care Needs of Cancer Patients in Ambulatory Care Settings: CNSA Research Collaborative Group 
Dr Donna Milne (VIC); Professor Leanne Monterosso (WA); Violet Platt (WA); Professor Kate White (NSW)

A Study to Compare the Impact of Venous Access Device Administration Set Replacement at 4 days versus 7 days on Infective, Clinical and Cost Outcomes (2010)
Nicole Gavin (QLD)

The Effect of Lower Limb Lymphoedema Resulting from Treatment for Vulval Cancer on Quality of Life (2008)
Anne Mellon (NSW)

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