What is a Specialist Practice Networks? Specialist Practice Networks, also known as SPN's, are networks of CNSA members who work in specialty areas or have a common interest, such as radiation therapy or gynaeoncology. All members of CNSA are eligible to belong to an SPN.

What SPN's do? The purpose of SPN's is to:

  • provide a forum for professional networking and collaboration
  • provide opportunities for educational and research activities
  • act as a point of reference for nursing practice issues
  • develop guidelines for specialty areas of cancer nursing practice; and
  • establish processes for peer review of evidenced-based practice.

SPN's are intended to help nurses in speciality areas network with each other. Information on SPN's and SPN activities is available through the CNSA newsletter.  In addition, abstracts for specialty education sessions are welcome for CNSA Annual Congress.

SPN activities are coordinated through the National Executive. The role of the SPN Coordinator is to liaise with SPN Representatives and facilitate SPN communication and activities. 

If you wish to join a Specialist Practice Network please email admin@cnsa.org.au

Specialist Practice Network (SPN) Benefits

What are the benefits of being involved in a Specialist Practice Network? 

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Breast Oncology Specialist Practice Network (Breast SPN)

Chair: Kerry Patford (VIC - rural)
Phone: 0438 297 690
Email: kerry.patford@alpinehealth.org.au

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Cancer Nurse Practitioner Specialist Practice Network (CNP SPN)

Chair: Gillian Blanchard (NSW)
Phone: 0411 160 595
Email: Gillian.Blanchard@calvarymater.org.au

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Gynaecological Oncology Specialist Practice Network (GYN SPN)

Chair : Anne Mellon (NSW)
Phone: (Work) 02 4921 4617 Mob: 0427 487 785
Email: Anne.Mellon@hnehealth.nsw.gov.au

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Radiation Oncology Nurses Specialist Practice Network (RON SPN)

Chair: Margaret Hjorth (VIC)
Email: margaret.hjorth@epworth.org.au
Phone: 03 9936 8246
Mobile: 0427 610 262

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Vascular Access Device & Infusion Therapy Specialist Practice Network (VAD&IT SPN)

Chair : Nicole Gavin (QLD)
Phone: 0448 190 205
Email: nicole.gavin@health.qld.gov.au

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