Below is information on the grant application and review process when applying for:
CNSA Education Standing Committee Grants; and CNSA Research Standing Committee Grants.

CNSA Education Standing Committee Grants

Eligibility Criteria
To be eligible for a CNSA grant you will need to meet the criteria set out in the individual grant. For more information on the available CNSA grants click here.

Hints for a Successful Submission
To ensure a better chance of success the Education Committee has provided the following points as a guide:

  • Only applications completed on the CNSA Professional Development & Travel Grant Program Application Form will be considered
  • Ensure the application is legible if handwritten
  • Clearly outline budget and provide evidence of amount requested
  • Outline clear objectives that are related to attendance at CNSA Annual Congress (or other proposed activity)
  • Consider strategies for dissemination of outcomes which will reach a wide audience
  • Demonstrate commitment to the advancement of cancer nursing as a specialty
  • Demonstrate commitment to improving outcomes for individuals and their families with a diagnosis of cancer
  • Demonstrate a beneficial outcome to self and the cancer nursing community as a result of the proposed activity
  • Consider participation in activities at CNSA Annual Congress which demonstrate active participation in your professional development; and
    • Networking activities
    • Specialist Practice Network meetings
    • Annual General Meeting attendance; and
    • Speaking with exhibitors.
  • Outline clearly and succinctly how you have demonstrated a commitment to cancer nursing professional development activities over the last two years.

Having Trouble Completing Your Application?
Experienced CNSA members are available to provide assistance to nurses preparing to submit an application for these grants. For assistance or further information please contact the CNSA Education Committee Chair at alternatively you can access the Professional Development Travel Grants Program Guidelines for further information.

What Happens After I Submit My Application?
Sometimes its not always clear what happens once a grant application has been submitted, that is why the CNSA Education Committee has put together the following points for your reference.

  • The CNSA Chair of the Education Committee coordinates assessment of applications
  • Completed applications are distributed to members of the CNSA Education Committee for review
  • Applications are assessed and graded against eligibility criteria by a minimum of two members of the CNSA Education Committee
  • Applicants whom have submitted an abstract or have a professional commitment at the proposed event will be preferred
  • Assessed applications are returned to the Chair and rank ordered
  • Successful applications are determined on the basis of ranked scores
  • Applicants will be advised by telephone and in writing of the outcome of their application within four weeks of the application closing date
  • Successful applicants will be announced at the Annual CNSA Annual Congress, in the CNSA Newsletter and on the CNSA website; and
  • The CNSA Education Committee will determine whether all or part of funds applied for will be awarded.

Reporting Requirements
All successful recipients of a CNSA Professional Development Travel Grant must submit a written report to the CNSA Education Committee within two months of completing the supported activity. The report must be completed using the designated CNSA Professional Development Travel Grant Report Form.

CNSA Research Standing Committee Grants

Eligibility Criteria
The applicant (or chief investigator) must:

  • Be a current financial member of CNSA, and have been a member for a minimum of 12 months
  • ​Be currently employed as a nurse and working in a cancer related field; and
  • Have not received a research grant from CNSA within the last 12 months (specifically see the Research Grant Guidelines).

Hints for a Successful Submission

  • Applications must be submitted on the Research Grant Application Form in accordance with the ‘Guidelines for Applicants’ Research Grant Guidelines
  • Specifically, you must attach to the application; a detailed Project Description, Budget, Budget justification, Research experience section and Research Grant Declaration as outlined in the Research Grant Guidelines
  • All applications must include the signed ‘Declaration of Responsibilities’ found in the Research Grant Guidelines
  • Read the Research Grant Guidelines carefully for information and detail about what to include; and
  • Check your application prior to submission and apply before the closing date because late applications and those that do not fulfil the award criteria or provide all documentation will not be accepted.

Having Trouble Completing Your Application?
Experienced CNSA members are available to provide assistance to nurses preparing to submit an application for a research grant. For assistance or further information please contact the CNSA Research Committee Chair at

What Happens After I Submit My Application?
Your application will be reviewed, scored and ranked by the Research Committee. Details of this process are described in the Research Grant Guidelines.

Reporting Requirements
Please see the Research Grant Guidelines.

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