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My name is Raymond Chan. I am the President of the Cancer Nurses Society of Australia (CNSA). The CNSA was founded in 1998, and is now representing over 1000 cancer nurses across Australia. As the peak professional body for cancer nursing, the CNSA thrives to promote excellence in cancer care through the professional contribution of cancer nurses. Specifically, I would like to direct you to the section of this website where it contains our Strategic Plan 2014-2016. This Strategic Plan highlights the following five areas of focus for the Society:

1. Engaging membership and building partnership

2. Ensuring the financial growth of the CNSA

3. Influencing cancer control policy and initiatives

4. Facilitating cancer nurses' professional development irrespective of geographical location, and

5. Sustaining a rigorous governance and strategic framework.

The CNSA website is a major channel of communications with our members and the greater public. The Member Hub is specifically designed to allow our members to easily access high quality materials and presentations for their professional development. As the Society continues to grow, we are also expecting a growth in the number of position statements and clinical guidelines developed or contributed by our members. I strongly believe these developments and resources will lead to benefits in patient and fulfilling our mission.

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Professor Raymond Chan RN, PhD, FACN, GAICD
CNSA President

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