Mission Statement, Strategic Aims and Values

Mission Statement

'Promoting excellence in cancer care through the professional contribution of Cancer Nurses'.

To achieve this mission, the CNSA acts as a resource to cancer nurses around Australia, no matter what their geographical location or area of practice. The CNSA is the link between cancer nurses in Australia, the consumers of cancer nursing services, and other health professionals involved in cancer care.

Strategic Aims

To achieve its mission CNSA undertakes the following strategic aims:

  • Developing and disseminating resources which contribute to advances in cancer nursing practice.
  • Facilitating research in the area of cancer nursing that will contribute to improvement in the care of people with cancer
  • Taking a leadership role in addressing the educational needs of cancer nurses
  • Collaborating with other groups and organisations involved in the development and provision of services to people with cancer
  • Promoting cancer nurses' contribution to National cancer control activities and policy; and
  • Providing opportunities for professional networking amongst cancer nurses.


CNSA's mission and strategic aims are supported by these core values:

Excellence - we promote excellence through advocacy, education, leadership and research in all activities of the society
Professionalism - we are committed to the society and exhibit integrity, honesty and ethical behaviour in all we strive to achieve
Innovation - we actively seek creativity and knowledge to enhance the practice of cancer nurses to improve patient outcomes; and
Collaboration - we openly seek opportunities to grow our membership and build partnerships to further the work of the society.

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