CNSA Constitution

The original CNSA constitution was written in 1998 by the founding members. It has been revised in 2002, 2010, 2011 and again in 2014. The latest version of the CNSA Constitution was ratified at the Annual General Meeting of CNSA on 26th July 2014. The Constitution outlines the memorandum and articles of association of CNSA, including objects and powers of the association, membership, executive committee, general meetings, regional groups and specialist practice networks.

Constitution Review 2016 -2017
The National Executive Committee (NEC) is now undertaking a full-scale review of the CNSA Constitution. The purpose of the project is to update current governance structures and the Constitution to:

  • Contemporise the CNSA constitution and bring it in line with modern governance practice
  • Sustain a rigorous governance framework
  • Enable the society to deliver its strategic objectives
  • Enable growth and stability of the society whilst ensuring equitable opportunity for representation by members,
  • Ensure that voluntary participation in governance is as efficient, time-managed and rewarding as possible; and
  • Remove any ambiguities in the existing constitution.

Stage 4 of the Constitution Review process is currently underway, with the first draft of the new Constitution now open for review. To ensure all member queries are captured please contact Kathy via email at by Friday 9 December 2016.

Click the below link to download a copy for review and comment.

New Constitution (first draft)

Click on the below links to download the Constitution Frequently Asked Questions and the notes from the Member Forum held at the 19th CNSA Annual Congress.

Constitution FAQs

Member Forum Proceedings

The review is overseen by the CNSA Constitution Review Steering Committee and supported by the NEC.

For any further information please contact the CNSA Administration Officer Amy Ribbons or Sandy McKiernan Chair of the Constitution Review Steering Committee (CRSC)

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